The Science Behind our Quality

We pride ourselves on selling top quality products, so we want to give you an insight into the science behind it. One of our most loved brands is Caprice; founded and manufactured in Germany, their products always amaze us. Check out some of the brilliant innovation Caprice provide below, and don't forget to shop our Summer Collection here.

Better Shock Absorption

The ANTISHOKK heel technology developed by CAPRICE offers a significant increase in walking comfort. The shocks caused on the spine and joints by each step are absorbed, and thus the entire body is relieved.
An Extra-Soft Tread
Inside the outsole is a specially developed cushioning system that guarantees an extra-soft tread. The pressure of the foot activates the perforated blue bowls, adapts individually to each foot & supplies the entire inner shoe with air through a pump effect.

Perfect climate regulation
In the CAPRICE insole, up to 300 air bubbles ensure shock absorption, optimal air circulation and an ideal foot climate with every step. The CAPRICE INSOLE prevents fatigue and provides a pleasant climate inside your shoe.